The Role of Public Opinion in Shaping Policy Changes

In the democratic fabric of society, the mass voice, often referred to as ‘public opinion’, is a key factor that can sway, shape, and sometimes even dictate political and administrative decisions. Encapsulating diverse influences, including social, economic, political, and cultural, public opinion demonstrates the collective consciousness of the people, manifesting their needs, desires, and discontent. … Read more

Navigating through the Sea of Fake News: Embracing Fact Checking

Within the realm of ever-evolving digital media, the proliferation of fake news has emerged as a prominent concern across the globe. Unearthing the roots of fake news, its myriad forms, and reasons behind its origin is pivotal to counteracting its damaging effects on societies. To add to it, the role of various mediums, particularly social … Read more

Essential Tips for Jury Duty Preparation

Being selected for jury duty is a privilege and responsibility that allows ordinary citizens to actively participate in the judicial process, a cornerstone of our democracy. This crucial task requires diligence, preparedness, and an open mind. Along with the sense of civic duty it evokes, jury duty may also bring a flurry of questions and … Read more

Citizen Journalism: Impact on Public Sentiment

Journalism, one of the pillars of modern democracy, is experiencing a profound transformation through the phenomenon of citizen journalism, where ordinary individuals are empowered to report news and share stories of interest. With the advent of digital technology and social media, there has been a dynamic shift from a traditionally centralized model of news reporting … Read more

Leveraging Smartphone Technology in Citizen Journalism

In an era where technology permeates every facet of our lives, the world of journalism has seen a dramatic shift. The advent of the smartphone has ushered in a new era in news reporting–Citizen Journalism. This remarkable evolution, powered by portable and multi-functional gadgets, has transformed everyday citizens into journalists, equipping them with digital tools … Read more